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K-On! Precious Memories Cards

Hand Autographed Cards from Lottery Redemption

These cards were only obtainable by submitted redepmtion stickers in the hopes of getting one of the cards. They are standard card stock, but have a "B" in the card number instead of an "A" like the foil signatures.
Note that set 1 has two expceptions - the cards for Ui and Sawako do not have gold or silver signatures, and their autographed cards are designated with "A". Very strange!

01-009A Ui

01-011b Yui

01-034b Mio

01-056b Ritsu

01-068A Sawako

01-080b Mugi

01-088b Azusa

02-009b Yui

02-032b Mio

02-033b Azusa

02-047b Ritsu

02-067b Mugi

03-018b Yui

03-036b Mio

03-056b Ritsu

03-085b Mugi

03-086b Asuza

04-001b Yui

04-028b Mio

04-036b Azusa

04-056b Ritsu

04-077b Mugi

05-001b Yui

05-006b Mio

05-009b Azusa

05-013b Ritsu

05-017b Mugi