Toradora! Precious Moments CCG Cards, Japan 2012

Hand-Autographed Cards

These ridiculously rare hand signed cards were only available from a sticker redemption lottery - send in 300 sticker points, make choice 1, 2 & 3 and they would send you one of whatever was available. Unsure of quantities available but they were limited. From what I can tell the Taiga one defintely became unavailable quickly, not sure about the other two though. If you didn't want to try for a signed card, you could send in fewer stickers for various "you WILL get it!" prizes.

01-001b Taiga Signed

01-028b Minori Signed

01-051b Ami Signed

01-001b Taiga Signed with letter

Sticker/Lottery Info

Lottery Bundle (from some other set)

Lottery Letter Very Rough Tranlastion

Sticker Back Rough Translation

Guaranteed Prize "Box" (website image)

Guaranteed Prize "Playing Mat" (website image)

Guaranteed Prize "Playing Mat"