1986 - 1991 - Tony Recordings

Also No Real Title.mp3
Apache Jam.mp3
cabbage & tonyxmas.mp3
casio sk1 brady bunch sounds.mp3
Commie High Rap.mp3
Cruisin Song (orig).mp3
Cruisin Song.mp3
Don't Leave Me Hangin On.mp3
drunken m1 performance.mp3
drunken opus.mp3
hold on (tony sings badly).mp3
Hold On.mp3
m1 malfunction.mp3
Mellow Guitar Thing.mp3
Mellow Sax Thing.mp3
Night Ranger Song.mp3
Paranoia (inst - bad quality).mp3
Patty 1-4.mp3
The Ballad Of Penellope Pineapple.mp3
The Day You Looked Into My Eyes.mp3
The Parting.mp3
Track Fretless Bass Abomination.mp3
Walking On A Beach.mp3
Watch Out (orig).mp3
Watch Out.mp3
writing krystonia.mp3

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