1997 - 2006
There was a long period of time where I didn't write much of anything. At this point I'd moved past the 4-track recorder and was recording everything digitally onto the PC. There were some random recordings but they were all lost to a hard drive crash and are gone forever. Good thing I moved to the PC.

1997 - I'm Not Funny Anymore.mp3 I think at this time I was just plain out of ideas for "funny" songs.
2004 - Allergy Drugs.mp3 You can see the quality of the recording efforts was pretty awful.
2004 - Nothing.mp3 Preview of the Tony Sound of the 2010's
2004 - Less Than Nothing.mp3
2004 - Odd Todd Def Leppard Contest.mp3 At the time, "Odd Todd" was a famous web cartoonist making videos. At one point he held a contest to cover any Def Leppard song. I was at work and used a pair of headphones to record this. I submitted and he responded that this would have probably actually won, but he didn't want to take away from the others that put REAL effort into it. I did get a free Odd Todd mug out of it though.
2005 - Clean Your Room.mp3 This one was for the kids
2005 - Funky.mp3 ZR-76 I think
2005 - I'm alone when I'm with you.mp3 Re-recording of an old song from the cassette era.
2005 - Obnoxious Blues.mp3 Just flailing around for something, anything
2005 - Wozzy.mp3
2006 - another random weird zr76 recording.mp3
2006 - random weird zr 76 recording.mp3
2007 - Jam Master Jammin Tony Mason Remix.mp3 My attempt to recreate the hard rock "remix" of Jam Master Jammin by Run DMC. My guitar interface was picking up a ridiculous amount of interference, but it was actually kind of cool and I left it in.
2009 - I'm Still Not Funny Anymore (revised maybe).mp3 This seems to be a re-recording attempt of the first song on this page. Drum beat changed and the instruments are a bit better.

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