2012 - Work In Progress

Not much to say here. Kind of just slogging through and had a lot of stream of conciousness writing going on where I'd record 4 bars, change it, repeat.

01 - work in progress.mp3 More Ben Folds chanelling here. Vocals are pretty good here.
02 - everybodys dead.mp3 I don't remember what inspired this, whether it was DSC, some video game, or The Walking Dead. Maybe all of the above?
03 - avoidance.mp3 Friend of mine had two boyfriends going at the same time and couldn't choose which one to stay with (in the end, it was neither). Weird long solo sections. Stupid ending.
04 - run.mp3 This and the next 5 songs all went together as one big "concept". I don't know what about though. They all follow the "just make it up every 4 bars as you go along" formula.
05 - water.mp3 Experiments with chord changes
06 - jazz odyssey.mp3 Yes the bass line for Anyone Can Rap is there.
07 - in the distance.mp3 Something is in the distance?
08 - closer yet.mp3 Something is closer yet?

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