2011 - 2012 Puppies And Kittens

I had the lyric "Because everythis is puppies and kittens" that never went anywhere. Fun album title though.

01 - caved.mp3 Echoes of Legends of Zelda dungeon music or something?
02 - futy.mp3 Instrumental. Title is open to your interpretation!
03 - float.mp3 Instrumental
04 - shwreck.mp3 Instrumental
05 - afterthought.mp3 Fry can't understand why Leela would go out with that idiot Chaz
06 - facade (dane drums).mp3 Dane from Modern Frontier plays drums on Facade. I always loved this guy's overdrumming. Excellent!
07 - melody moves sideways (dane drums and vocals).mp3 Dane from Modern Frontier wrote some lyrics for Melody Moves Sideways. He has as many issues as I do!
08 - not mine (elaina's).mp3 Elaina from DSC posted a song she played piano and sang on. I liked it so remixed it. She came over with Boyer and recorded the vocals for it!
09 - comfortably numb (pink floyd).mp3 Yeah another cover. Gawd. Stahp
10 - disconnect.mp3 Disconnect the damage done enough; embrace the blows and lonely lows. I disconnect I'm damaged stunned and numb embrace the blows and lonely lows.
- Pure Reason Revolution
11 - après les mots.mp3 Because "After The Words" sounded better in French. AKA "I'm done doing lyrics"

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