2010 - Hit It Florian

Florian was the name of Brad's grandfather. Somehow this because a thing for None of the Above whenever we said "HIT IT!" ...we added Florian. Who knows why.

2010 - Hit It Florian - 01 - Dearth Of Marmalade.mp3 Title is referencing a joke by Dave, mimicing Boyer from DSC as he was complaining about the lack of jelly packets at Denny's. "There was a dearth, David! A DEARTH OF MARMALADE!" I really liked how that sounded.
2010 - Hit It Florian - 02 - Chase The Sun.mp3 In my opinion, this is the best thing I ever wrote. It is about my mom, and the plane trips back and forth to Michigan as I dealt with her dying. Getting through the last verse took (not kidding) about 3 dozen takes because I broke up while trying to sing it. This was as good as it was going to get.
2010 - Hit It Florian - 03 - Melody Moves Sideways.mp3 Instrumental. The string motif was a happy accident - it was supposed to be a clavinet, but I selected the wrong patch. Wow are the strings 100x better.
2011 - Hit It Florian - 04 - Cornered.mp3 Song about having a complete mental breakdown and being thrown into a pysch ward hold for 72 hours. I do not recommend.
2011 - Hit It Florian - 05 - Left Behind (Jose Gonzales).mp3 Another cover of Jose Gonzales. I really like singing his stuff, my sinigng style has a lot in common with his.
2011 - Hit It Florian - 06 - The Last Rabbit.mp3 Instrumental

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