1995-1996 I'm No Enya (aka Dreamcastles)

From 1995 through 96 I tried recording MUSIC music rather than just trying to be silly. There were a few good things but it was mostly just flailing in the dark trying to do something different. The original album title was "Dreamcastles" until Steve listened to it and described his reaction to it as "Well, you're no Enya...". And there it was.

Mostly done with the M1 and SC-88. The original "album" also had a bunch of random old Tony / Kelly / Julie songs tacked onto the end - they are redundant here as they are on earlier albums, so I've removed them to make this more of a standalone. Also the tape ended with a 10 minute rambling piece of crap in VERY raw form from back in 1990. It sucked, it's gone.

The levels and EQ on this are just horrific. Maybe one day I'll go back over and re-record some of these.

01 - You'll never remember, I'll never forget.mp3  
02 - Greyhound.mp3 Originally written in 1990 by Mike and myself. This version is much different, but I don't have a recording of the original anywhere.
03 - You really are the one.mp3 Originally from 1992-ish?
04 - Why'd you leave me here again.mp3 Kinda odd yet cool re-imaging of old Tony/Kelly song. I put it in 6/8 for (reasons?)
05 - Patty's Song Part 3.mp3 I wrote this for Patty shortly after moving to San Diego in 1991. There are 3 other parts (1, 2, 4) but I don't have recordings of them.
06 - Dreamcastles.mp3 Pretty sure I ripped off "Pictures Of You" by The Cure (just a bit) here.
07 - Q.mp3 For some reason I took all the piano centric songs and just layered strange sounds on them. Not sure what's up with this one.
08 - Music Box Clock.mp3 I like this song but have no idea why I made it play like a music box. I re-recorded this in 2021 back to what it should sound like.
09 - Shadows of future memories.mp3 Genesis Second Home By The Sea called and wants its song back.
10 - Tasha Cat.mp3 Tasha was my first cat. I named the song Tasha Cat because we used to jokingly sing "TASHA CAT! THE KITTY CAT" along with the music.
11 - You're Walking Backwards Again and Again.mp3 Re-recording of a kinda boring song off Tomatoe Potatoe
12 - Angry Song.mp3 Phil Collins Do You Know Do You Care called and... yeah.
13 - The Unknown.mp3I really have no memory of writing this one. Perhaps there was alcohol involved?

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