2013 - 2019 - Duck

I didn't write a heck of a lot during this period. I spent a lot of time 2012-2014 playing in a cover band up in LA with Jorge, Deena, Kevin, Leo, Mike & various special guests (Chris!). This fell apart at the end of 2014 in quite a messy fashion, people not talking with each other anymore and all that. In 2015 I asked to sit in with Quiet Talking James's band "Redhanded" and played numerous gigs with them from 2015-2021 at "Carver's Steakhouse". It was a lot of fun. This time it just kind of fell apart because of a combination of Covid, getting too old for this shit, and having no place to play anymore other than next to a dumpster out behind Mainstream in Poway.

The title "Duck" came because I did a google search for "You Feel Dead Inside" (a nethack thing) and this is one of the images that came up. It was such a weird hit that I made it an album cover.

Duck - 01 - insomnia.mp3 I had a lot of trouble sleeping around this time. Many nights sleepwalking to the couch. This was originally called "Falling Asleep At A Red Light" from a friend's description.
Duck - 02 - 27mg.mp3 I started VERY slowly weaning off Cymbalta here as it was killing the creativity. The first step was to go from 30mg to 27.
Duck - 03 - There was no Atari (W Jorge V).mp3 Jorge sent me the drum track and I wrote the song around it. This is a mostly true story. One year I got a note for Christmas that my parents had ordered me an "Odyssey 2" (I really wanted an Atari, and it works better lyrically). Fast forward 6 months and my dad coming home drunk with a used Odyssey 1 video game instead which was essentially pong. Demanded I hook it up at 2am and play it right then and there. Good times. Ironically, this system is rare and valuable now, but at the time I was just utterly devastated. Eventually I bought my own fucking Atari 2600.
Duck - 04 - Caturday (W Jorge V).mp3 Another song with Jorge kicking ass on drums. I was experimenting with VST guitar sounds here.
Duck - 05 - stop-405.mp3 On our way back from seeing a concert in LA, Chris and I got stuck in a godawful traffic jam at 1am on the 407 in LA. We got home around 4am.
Duck - 06 - file not found.mp3 Very weird time/beat on this.
Duck - 07 - reed alert.mp3 Look Chris I can write something heavy and proggy oh wait no I can't.
Duck - 08 - Pink Fraud Wish You Were Animals (W Jorge V).mp3 Just a jam with me and Jorge where I rip off Pink Floyd in many ways.
Duck - 09 - mio2.mp3 Patty: "Did you call the song MIO because you are drinking water with Mio flavoring?"
Tony: "....yes"
Duck - 10 - light.mp3
Duck - 11 - surfer.mp3 A friend asked me to write a song so she could write the lyrics. After a few years I gave up and just went with it as is.
Duck - 12 - then.mp3 Rewrite of "Then Along Came You" early Tony/Kelly
Duck - 13 - futures (jose gonzales cover).mp3 I like this song a lot but hate the ending on the original song which is just kinda noise. Tried to come up with something else.
Duck - 14 - this is weird.mp3 Ya know, it really is! WTF
Duck - 15 - ballast.mp3 Throwing off the dead weight
Duck - 16 - left behind (jose gonzales cover).mp3 Another song of his I really like.
Duck - 17 - get in the car.mp3 Mostly stream of consciousness writing
Duck - 18 - interesting year.mp3 It amuses me now that 2019 was an "interesting year". It sucked, but 2020 was worse, 2021 was even worse and now 2022 is worse to the point that I worry that writing all these notes is moot because humanity is really intent on destroying itself. It is sad that I think that maybe it is for the best. We sure fucked things up.

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