1995-1996 Dreamcastles (aka I'm No Enya)

From 1995 through 96 I tried recording MUSIC music rather than just trying to be silly. There were a few good things but it was mostly just flailing in the dark trying to do something different.

Album used to be called I'm No Enya but I decided to put it back to it's original state and track order.

Mostly done with the M1 and SC-88. The original "album" also had a bunch of random old Tony / Kelly / Julie songs - they are redundant as they are on earlier albums, so I've removed them to make this into its standalone form. Also the tape ended with a 10 minute rambling piece of crap in VERY raw form from 1990 - Chuck said it sucked (and it did).

Dreamcastles - 01 - Grayhound.mp3 Originally written in 1990 by Mike, some singer dude, and myself. This version is much different, but I don't have a recording of the original anywhere.
Dreamcastles - 02 - Why'd you leave me here again.mp3 Kinda odd re-imaging of the original Tony/Kelly song. I changed it to 6/8 (for reasons?)
Dreamcastles - 03 - Music Box Clock.mp3 I like this song but have no idea why I made it play like a music box (again, for reasons?).
Dreamcastles - 04 - You'll Never Remember, I'll Never Forget.mp3 Tomatoe Potatoe song re-recorded with SC-88. I have forgotten what this is about.
Dreamcastles - 05 - Shadows Of Future Memories.mp3 Genesis "Second Home By The Sea called" and wants to talk about this one.
Dreamcastles - 06 - Anger Of Song.mp3 Phil Collins "Do You Know Do You Care" vibes
Dreamcastles - 07 - The Day I Should Have Done Anything Else.mp3 Really bizarre version of older Tony/Julie song. WTF is with that CLANK every 2 seconds. Clarinet? Really?
Dreamcastles - 08 - Love's Overbite.mp3 Kenny G's cover of Love's Bite?
Dreamcastles - 09 - The Unknown.mp3 I have no memory of writing this.
Dreamcastles - 10 - Q.mp3 For some reason I took all the piano centric songs and just layered strange sounds on them. Prime example of what not to do with a piano song.
Dreamcastles - 11 - Tasha Cat.mp3 Tasha was my first cat. I named the song Tasha Cat because we used to jokingly sing "TASHA CAT! THE KITTY CAT" along with the music.
Dreamcastles - 12 - You Really (And Still) Are The One.mp3 No Smurfing Zone song re-recorded with SC-88. Original was better.
Dreamcastles - 13 - You're Walking Backwards Yet Again.mp3 Tomatoe Potatoe song re-recorded with SC-88. Original was silly, unclear why I thought this needed to be re-recorded.
Dreamcastles - 14 - Castles Of Dreams.mp3 No Smurfing Zone song re-recorded with SC-88. Original was better, this one is just obnoxious.

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