2009 - Clever Album Title

The era of "I should see if I can write songs like Ben Folds". I had a lot of trouble with the whole "make up a character/story" bit. His songs sound like they are about real people. Mine sound like they are cartoon characters.

2009 - Clever Album Title - 01 - Sand.mp3 This song often got the reaction "Tony are you ok?"
2009 - Clever Album Title - 02 - Colorado.mp3 I could never find the correct solo for the ending. I tried about 5 different things, piano, strings, synth... never happy with any of them.
2009 - Clever Album Title - 03 - 97.mp3 I wanted to do a song with french horns like Comfortably Numb
2009 - Clever Album Title - 04 - Wherever.mp3 Really early instrumental kinda proggyish but not really.
2009 - Clever Album Title - 05 - Hold Music.mp3 The only thing this song is good for is hold music.
2009 - Clever Album Title - 06 - Dust.mp3 I don't really remember this one. Following my formula of "repeat the melody line over and over with different chords"
2009 - Clever Album Title - 07 - Falling.mp3 Re-recording of old Tony/Julie song that never really got completed. The original had esq-1 piano that just sounded like worse than a casio sk-1.
2009 - Clever Album Title - 08 - Full Circa.mp3 Also following my formula of "repeat the melody line over and over with different chords". This one was pretty good though. Circa was a band that happened after Yes and had some of their members in it.

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